over a  century of experience and thousands of homes and buildings in central ohio makes the arick name synonomous with insulation expertise.

Protecting your home from the harsh conditions that central Ohio can bring is our specialty. Creating a barrier between your family and the elements of the outside world is critical to providing relief in your home and on your wallet. Insulating all exterior walls is a sure way to help keep you comfortable.

ATTIC insulation

Blown in attic insulation is a loose material that is blown into attics and wall cavaties to create a superb barrier from the harsh elements of the outside keeping your home more comfortable and your energy costs more affordable.

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The Family Difference


Arick & Sons has been serving Central Ohio since 1977. Family owned and operated for four generations, we set ourselves apart with our founding principles of great service and fair prices from my family to yours. No commissioned sales people, no gimmicks. I will personally schedule your estimate, provide you with a customized quote to accommodate your budget and be there to insulate your home. That is how we ensure the highest quality of work from quote to clean up.

That's my guarantee from my family to yours.

-Michael Arick Sr.


3rd Generation of Excellence

  • Blown in attic insulation
  • Side walls (Interior & Exterior)
  • Crawl Spaces

  • Sound Reduction

  • Complete Ventilation Services

  • Basement Insulation

  • Knee walls


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